Being new to web development I clearly lack the relevant experience to be very productive to your business. Clearly I need to get my foot in the door with someone who is willing to mentor me. Having had a career before this I am aware how valuable experience is in the work place so dedicate much of my free time to creating projects that extend my experience.


My focus as of the summer of 2015 is developing my skills with Javascript. I found myself in a pilot class this past spring at PCC for advanced JS that introduced me to AJAX, Angular and Node. After each term I put what I learn in class into real world projects. This summer that is this website. While I have been introduced to Angular and Node, as of the time of this writing, I haven't yet implemented them into this site. What I have done is gain experience writing vanilla JS, utilized Bootstrap, AJAX for images on the landing page using a json file, introduced Git into my work flow as well as XAMPP. You can find a link to my GitHub account on the main page and in the footer.

Site Construction Details

The landing and the client pages have both been hand written. I used a mixture of jQuery and Vanilla Javascript to create the animation at the top of each page. I learned a lot about responsive design using media queries linking to separate style sheets for a variety of screen dimensions. Ajax is used for two photos that are continually changing. I still plan to use Ajax in other ways on this site as I continue to explore technologies new to me. I explored a variety of techniques with the background images so they would retain their aspect ratio of different devices. In addition to media queries with CSS, I utilized Javascript to determine which js document should be used for various screen sizes.

The web portfolio, photography and employers pages all have been laid out with Bootstrap. The photography page panoramic picture slider is utilizing Bootstrap. All images have been captured and processed by me. As of 9/29/2015 the links to more of my images are broken. They will eventually lead to e-commerce pages for selling my photography.

Responsive Design
Chrome Developer Tools
Photoshop photo processing
Google Analytics
SEO Standards, Micro Data
Home Work Environment
Xampp. Local server
Freefilesync to manage backup files
I7 class workstation
SSD main drive
Quadruple backup
Three screens
CS 6 suite
Sublime Text
Dreamweaver, code view
Learning Trajectory
Contact Information
Robert Kulp